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ConnectNC provides managed WordPress hosting services. 

Customers who have managed WordPress hosting receive updates to plugins, themes, and the WordPress core.

In cases where a developer has used premium themes or plugins, it will be the developer's responsibility to keep those plugins and themes updated for you.  ConnectNC will inform you if a vulnerability is detected and you will then contact your developer to perform updates. If security issues aren't addressed by the customer or developer, we may disable your site until the matter is fixed.

When updates are performed, we first backup the entire site and database. If you find an issue with the site's function or appearance after an update is done, please send a message to to open a ticket.  The first thing we'll do is restore the site from the backup.  After that, we will evaluate the issues that came about as the updates and we will provide a quote for remediation. 

If your site was coded using an old version of PHP and a PHP update breaks the theme or plugins, we will quote on a new theme and replacement plugins for your site.


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