Unblock your IP address

  • 25th March 2019
Have you ever wondered why the server firewall sometimes blocks your IP address? This can happen if someone at your location has tried too many times to check email with the wrong password. It can happen if you try to log in to your WordPress with an incorrect password more than 10 times in a short time span. In the past, you would need to open a ...
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ImageMagick Vulnerability

  • 4th May 2016
A recent zero-day exploit/vulnerability has been discovered with the ImageMagick library, which is widely used for image processing and converting and is part of cPanel. This is a serious exploit. The mitigation procedure reduces the security risks dramatically, but it also involves limiting the functionality of ImageMagick library and related ...
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RESOLVED Some web hosting accounts affected by RBL malfunction

  • 13th December 2012
ConnectNC uses many methods to try to combat spam.  One of them is RBLs (realtime black list).  Early this morning, one of them malfunctioned, resulting in improper classification of legitimate messages as spam.  We have discontinued use of that particular RBL, and the situation is resolved as of 9:00am on Thu Dec 13, 2012.
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Is your data safe?

  • 7th August 2012
Matt Honan recently found his digital life in a shambles. Bad guys were able to access his online accounts AND his personal computer.  They wiped every shred of data from his MacBook. If Matt Honan, a technical writer for Wired Magazine,  can get hacked in such a fashion, so can any of us.  We now rely on our computers and the ...
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