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When you need help with your email, there are some bits of information we will need before we can help.

What is your computer's operating system?  Is it Windows? Mac OSX?
What version is it? 

Is it an Apple computer?  Click here to find the version.
Is it Windows?  Click here to find the version.

Most of the time, we can guess if you know about how old your computer is, and if you keep it updated.  
If you use Windows XP, though, we will not be able to help you for free.  It has been "end of life" for several years now.  We will charge $65 for a half hour or remote support.  You will need to be able to allow us remote access to your computer.

What email program are you using?

Microsoft Outlook?  Click here to find out.
Is it Mozilla Thunderbird?  Click here to find out.
Is it Apple Mail?  Click here to learn how to set up and use Apple Mail.

After gathering the information, we will open a ticket for you and can start to work on helping you with your issue.

Free tech support for email is limited to the configuration of the account.  Other issues, like software problems are subject to charge.  We can remote in to your computer to fix a variety of software issues for $65 for a 30 minute session.

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