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All site transfers may be conducted without any intervention from ConnectNC by the account owner, by logging in to your account at  You can even cancel your account there.  If you don't know your login, please contact support by opening a ticket (Please choose Hosting Support):

  • To transfer a domain, log into your account and click Domains.  You will find unlock and EPP codes there.  Click on "More" in My Domains after checking the box next to the domain name.

Please note that you MUST cancel your account when you are ready to stop your hosting, or billing will continue.

Please read the steps listed below.

If, for any reason, you do not want to do this yourself, and need the help of ConnectNC to transfer your site away, there is a small fee of $85.00, charged before any work is done. Email transfer is not included.

Email transfer is $95 per hour.

  1.  We only communicate about site transfers in the ticket system.  That way, all communications are documented for future reference.
  2.  The account owner must let us know in writing, through a ticket, who will be responsible for conducting the site transfer.  We will not communicate with anyone other than you about your account until this happens. Please provide the name and email address of the person responsible.
  3.  We do not make or receive calls to or from your developer/agency.  We only correspond in writing by ticket, and you will receive a copy of all communications. Your developer/agency should be familiar  with all aspects of the transfer process. Contact your developer/agency with any questions about your transfer.
  4.  Tickets will be responded to by the next business day.
  5.  Sometimes new site development takes months to complete.  In the interim, we will continue to bill you for hosting.
  6.  Once you know that your site is finished, please let us know so that we can cancel your account and delete your data. 
  7.  It will be the responsibility of the new provider to transfer your mail and any data that you need. We don't support mail or data transfer for sites being transferred out, unless you or the developer/agency agrees to an hourly rate that we will quote when requested.
  8.  It will be your responsibility to let us know when your account is to be closed, or we will continue to bill you.
  9.  Please remove our contact information from your whois data and the website once your site is transferred.  If you don't know what this means, please consult with your developer/agency.
  10.  If you have a WordPress website being transferred, please remove our accounts from your WordPress site so we will not receive notifications about your site in the future. We will disable access to any plugins or themes using a ConnectNC license. Your developer should check this to make sure your site is not using any licenses not registered to you.
  11.  Once your account is closed here, we will delete your mail, data and all backups, and there will be no way to get that back once the account is closed.


Sometimes customers prefer to keep their email hosting with ConnectNC while hosting a website with another provider.  When this happens, we prefer to manage your DNS.  This will prevent any future mail delivery issues that may occur.  If you decide to allow another party to manage your DNS and mail delivery issues occur, it will be your responsibility to contact that third party to troubleshoot or fix DNS issues.  We replace your server every year to year and a half, which means the A record for your mail host will change.  We will give you at least a week's written notice by ticket before this happens.  It will be your responsibility to forward this information to your provider and for them to know what to do with it.   Should your provider need help from us, we will charge your account from $35 to $85, depending upon the degree of help your provider needs.

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