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You can find this setting on your mailing list administration "General Options Section."
  • If you want your Mailman list readers to send replies to the list poster (original sender), choose "Poster."?
  • If you select "This list," your member replies will be sent to the entire list.
  • If you choose "Explicit address," member replies will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the space below.

Mailman list replies

Please note that users may choose to "reply-all."? If that's the case, a copy of their message will be sent to the list.? There's nothing you can do to change this, with the exception of asking your members not to use "reply-all" when they wish to reply to a post.? You can choose to simply discard those replies or reject them.? Please see the following article for help:

We expect that you have basic computer skills and a basic understanding of how the use the software installed on your computer. We cannot offer free training to users who need extra help learning to use email and other programs. ?We do, however, offer remote training for a fee. ?Please purcahse a remote training session here: ?

ConnectNC does not support MailMan issues and is providing these instructions only as a brief tutorial. If you continue to experience problems with your browser, please contact the vendor.

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