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If you are using a Change my password in webmail email address, please follow these directions in order to change your password.  Please write down your password!  We will not have a record of your password should you forget it or lose it.  

Login to webmail at or

Once you are logged in, you may be redirected right to your inbox.  That will look like the picture below.

If that's the case, click on Webmail Home.

Now you will see the screen pictured below.

First, make sure the box is checked next to "Open my inbox when I log in."  Then click on "Password & Security."

Type in your new password as pictured in the image below and click Save. You will be required to create a secure password in this step.

You will be logged out of webmail at this time and will need to login again with your new password. You will also need to update your password on other devices you use for checking email - phones, tablets, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. The password you  create here will be the new password for all of your programs and devices.

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